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Pacato Trans Kft was established in 2015 for the spedition of bulk products by road.

Our main activity is the transportation of liquid food products in international and domestic destinations. Besides this, the company also deals with the international forwarding of agricultural products, such as grain in bulk, as well as container trucking.

We implement our orders reliably and accurately, in the expected quality of our partners.

With our customers we pursuit a long term relationsihip.

In February of 2016, our company gained the strict condition bounded Kosher certification.

Primary, in all the cases we keep in mind our customers’ interest and value. That purpose served also with our company's liability insurance, which covers 100.000,-EUR / damages.


Pacato Trans Kft.
Address: 1134 Budapest, Lőportár utca 20/b. 6. em. 11.
EU VAT number: HU25379897
Company registration number: 01-09-271787

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